Our client’s most frequently asked questions about automotive electronics

Do you have some questions you’d love to ask a professional in automotive electronics? If you don’t find them here we’d love to hear from you. No question is too small or too difficult. We’ve been in the automotive electronics industry since 1994 and we make sure way up-to-date with the latest innovations in technology for the automotive industry.

We are a fully equipped on-site mobile service operating throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast. We will come to your home, your office, or even a shopping centre so you can keep doing what you like with minimal interruption!

Are all Bluetooth phones compatible with the Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

Yes, Parrot kits are an updatable, which means that they can always pair to the latest phones.

Can you fit a holder for my mobile phone in my car without drilling and screwing into my dash?

Sure can! We have a full range of vehicle specific mounting brackets that will click on to your dashboard, for you to secure your phone cradle or GPS to.

How many phones can be connected to a Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

Parrot Bluetooth car kits pair up to 5 phones or more, however only 1 phone can be connected at any one time. The kit will recognise the last phones connected if there is more than one paired phones in the vehicle. There is a new feature in the MKi series of Parrot kit called Dual Mode – this enables two phones to connect simultaneously! There models are MKi9000, MKi9100 & MKi9200.

Can you put 2 cameras on my caravan?

Yes, we can set up 4 cameras viewing into one monitor, either in the dash or on the dash.

Is GPS tracking expensive to maintain?

Not anymore! You can maintain a basic asset tracking system for as little as $20 a year, or full live tracking for $19 per-month.

I can’t see over the bonnet of my BT50. Can I have a camera on the front of my car, so I can park close?

Yes, we can set that up a camera that will come on automatically for you.

Can you increase my mobile phone signal in my car or truck?

Yes, we have a network approved cellular booster system that can be fitted to your car boat truck home shed or whatever you want.

All you need is at least one signal strength bar on your phone and we can boost that to 4 or 5 bars in strength.

I don’t want electronic devices all over my dash, is there a way to combine or hid them into my vehicle?

Yes, we have In-Dash GPS/Multi-function Unit available, designed to do exactly that.