Bluetooth & Handsfree

Our range of Bluetooth and handsfree automotive electronics

Bluetooth and handsfree automotive electronics not only make driving easier and safer, they can also save you from a costly fine and loss of demerit points on your driving licence.

Every year Queensland Police fine thousands of motorists for using a mobile device whilst driving. Stay safe on the road and avoid a hefty fines and loss of demerit points with a professional installation of a quality Bluetooth handsfree car phone kit.

Most of the car phone kits we install will pay for themselves if they save you just one fine!

Even more important than the inconvenience of a fine, is of course, safety. Every driver knows that taking their eyes off the road for even a split second can have fatal consequences.

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We offer the convenience of a mobile service with guaranteed products and installation for all areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, and on the Gold Coast. Don’t risk it, call us for a free quote about our Bluetooth and handsfree kits for cars, trucks, vans, buses, utes, and even Mining and Industrial machinery.

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