GPS Tracking Devices

Our range of GPS tracking devices

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a worldwide navigation system that relies on 24 earth orbiting satellites. GPS allows real-time tracking of vehicles such as cars, boats, trucks, and trailers, as a precaution against theft, or even as a covert tracking tool.

GPS tracking devices fall into 2 main categories, ‘passive’ and real-time’. Passive systems store general information such as speed, time, direction, which is then stored in a memory where it can be downloaded and viewed after the event. ‘Real-time’ tracking, provides as the name suggests, real-time data.

GPS asset tracking is a cost-effective way to track a stolen car, truck, boat, jet-ski, caravan, motorhome, bobcat, builders trailer, or anything we can attach a system too We can also immobilize the vehicle as well.

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Whatever needs you have, our experts can find the right solution for you. We supply and install a range of automotive electronics suited to private use, Commercial Fleets, Government Fleets, the Trucking Industry, and Mining and Industrial.

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