Clic On mounting brackets

Clic on Mounting Brackets

Clic On is a mounting platform for installation of communication equipment into vehicles.

Clic On is manufactured in Sweden by Brodit AB, established in 1983 to provide communication mounting solutions for vehicle interiors.

Clic On Dash Mounts are precision-made to fit into the vehicle without the need to drill holes into the interior. Generally, there are 4 options available, depending on the construction of the dash board:

  • Centre Mount
  • Angled Mount
  • Right Hand Mount
  • Console Mount

Clic on Cradles

Being a distracted driver is being a dangerous driver. With a mounting platform you can keep your eyes road level while using your device. The legal requirements for a driver states you may only use your mobile to make or receive calls or use the audio function when the device is secured in a fixed mounting. At Cartronics2U we have a variety of sleek, safe and sophisticated products to choose from. 

A Holder designed to hold your device firmly and securely in position.

Designed to be mounted onto a ClicOn dashmount.

Cartronics 2U offer a wide range of quality automotive electronics and accessories. Our mobile service comes to you anywhere in and around Brisbane.

Clic On Mounting Brackets | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms
200 series Landcruiser Centre mount bracket
Clic On Mounting Brackets | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms