Polaris GPS HUD

Polaris Digital HUD (NEW) & GPS HUD PLUS

Polaris Digital HUD (NEW)

The new Polaris digital HUD allows you to monitor your speed and time (optional) by looking directly at the unit and not the reflection. It is great for certain angled windscreens where the reflection of the original HUD can be hard to see. There is also no need to put any type of tint on the windscreen.

The digital HUD provides safer driving as your speed is displayed clearly within your line of vision or peripheral vision (depending on where you mount it).

A special benefit of the digital HUD is that the unit will give you audible warnings when approaching fixed red light and speed cameras.

The Polaris digital HUD is simple to install. Just plug it into your 12Volt outlet and the speed is calculated via GPS satellites.

The unit also has 2 over speed alert warnings that can be adjusted to your desired level.

What you get:

  • Digital HUD unit
  • Adjustable mount with 3m sticky pad
  • Cigarette lighter/12v outlet adaptor
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Instruction manual


  • Reduce your risk of speeding and fines!
  • It can be quite easy for any driver to go over the speed limit without even realising it. Statistics show that the risk of crashing doubles for every 5km/h that you exceed the limit.
  • The HUD Plus has proven to be an important product when it comes to reducing the chances of speeding and accidents.
  • The HUD plus displays your vehicle’s speed up onto the windscreen in a clear transparent digital format directly in the driver’s line of vision.

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Polaris GPS HUD | Brisbane | Cartronics2u
Polaris GPS HUD | Brisbane | Cartronics2u
Polaris GPS HUD | Brisbane | Cartronics2u