The benefits of getting a dash camera

 The benefits of getting a dash camera

The benefits of getting a dash camera

You might have heard of a dash camera and thought it was a little excessive to record your daily driving, but at Cartronics we like to educate clients on the benefits of incorporating automotive electronics.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of adding a dash camera to your vehicle.

Firstly, what is a dash camera?

It is a camera on your dashboard that records and logs your daily driving, giving you peace of mind. With a micro SD card your drive is automatically recorded and easily removed for viewing.

Why do you need to record your daily driving?

In the unfortunate event of an accident your dash camera can protect you as it provides evidence that might be required by your insurance company and/or police. Your dash camera can provide a first-hand account of the events as they unfold, so there’s no arguing over who is at fault.

A dash camera is a great way to protect those around you as well, if a crash, accident or incident happens in front of you, your dash camera can be a valuable piece of evidence.

A dash camera records your journey, if seen by fellow drivers you can guarantee they’ll make more of a conscious effort to do the right thing, after all no one wants to be caught on camera.

If you’re enjoying an ocean drive, why not relive it with a dash camera; take a look at the sights you might have missed along the way.

Whether you have a teenage son and/or daughter that are always asking to borrow your car, or you have friends that need your keys, with a dash camera you can guarantee they’ll be extra careful.

Your Automotive Electronics Experts in Brisbane

A dash camera is a great addition to any vehicle for many reasons, and given its ease to install and maintain, it is becoming a must-have for many car owners. Not sure? Contact Cartronics 2U for all types of automotive electronics. We come to you for professional installations in and around Brisbane.