Truck Phones

Our range of truck phones and automotive electronics

Whether you’re an independent truck driver or you work for a company, communication is vital. Most popular smart phones models simply aren’t up to handling the environment that truck drivers experience.

We have a wide range of automotive accessories specifically designed for the Trucking Industry. These include truck phones, designed with larger buttons, larger text, and a louder ring volume, and speaker volume. Truck phones have a toughened exterior and casing and run off the truck’s power supply. Being fixed inside your cabin, you’ll always know where your phone is, and you’ll never lose it!

Truck phone extras

We supply and install all types of automotive electronics, including quality RFI antennas with glass mounting and GPS compatibility, antenna mounting brackets, fully integrated

Bluetooth kits and cradles to suit any truck and truck phone combination. We can incorporate a mobile phone booster to your truck to give you the BEST possible coverage.

Truck phones and accessories can help you avoid:

  • Costly fines and loss of demerit points
  • Breaking or damaging your phone through impact or water
  • Incompatible replacement models for your car kit
  • Lost chargers or replacing batteries

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