Ballistic TF 100


Smart, simple and intuitive UI that allows the driver to communicate and handle various tasks with ease.


Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on road, the phone will do the rest.


3G connectivity to maximise your coverage


Crystal clear and echo free voice to enhance your productivity on the road

Truck Phone TF 100

TF 100 Truck Phones have a loud volume and the microphone is designed for noisy truck cabin environments! Keep driver distraction to a minimum with a large screen, large buttons and a simple to use menu.

This model is designed to work with a fixed antenna, so your vehicle will have superior network coverage compared to a handheld phone. This will give your drivers the best coverage this side of a satellite phone. They are also compatible with fixed dialling and set up is a simple operation.

Because the truck phone runs off the power supply from your truck, you won’t need to worry about flat batteries, worn out batteries, and separate battery chargers.

  • Fixed Antenna
  • Fixed Dialling
  • Runs from power supply
  • No batteries or chargers
  • Permanently fixed in vehicle
  • Extra loud volume and microphone
  • Large screen and buttons
  • Cartronics 2U offer a wide range of quality automotive electronics. We come to you for professional installations in and around Brisbane.


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