Car Security Device

Looking for a car security device?

Considering your car is likely to be your biggest asset aside from your home, it makes sense to protect it. We have the best and latest in automotive electronics for protecting your vehicle and property. Our car alarms use technology that makes it extremely difficult for a would-be thief to deactivate. Be alerted from sensors, sirens, visual alarms, or LED indicators.

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We have different levels of security for different needs, including auto-relocks, auto arm, and remote panic.

We offer car security devices with:

Car Security Device | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms

Car Alarms

  • We sell and install car immobilizing packages that offer state-of-the-art black wiring, code hoping devices with dual point immobilization.
  • Standard and optional features include:
  • 2 water resistant remote controls, visual alarms, LED indicator, auto relock function, auto arm, remote panic, indicator conformation, electronic override, and remote locking/unlocking, glass breakage, battery backup siren, door/boot/bonnet protection, diagnostics, window closure, sunroof closure, microwavable detector, and pin switches.

Car Alarms

Car Security Device | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms

Central locking

Car Security Device | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms

GPS asset tracker with immobilizer

Car Security Device | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms
Car Security Device | Brisbane | Phones 'N' Alarms

MUST SEE – Shaftalarm

Shaftalarm is a battery operated portable alarm controlled by your mobile / SMS.  A device with the added advantage of allowing your valuable assets to be located via its built in GPS receiver.

  • Controlled by your mobile
  • Totally portable 3G alarm device
  • From 6 months to 2 year battery life.
  • Up to six authorized users can be added.
  • Built in GPS to locate your assets.
  • 100’s of sensitivity settings.
  • Totally Portable.
  • Stick it on Anything you want to track.

Whatever your needs in automotive electronics are for private use or commercial use, we have you covered. We offer a complete professional supply and install service for Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

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